Hello You Guys!

I have an exciting announcement for you. AXEL has been released to Amazon! I am so excited to finally have this book out in the world.

He lets the darkness consume him. He is rugged, hot headed and trapped in the ghost of a memory.
She choses to live in the light. A young woman risking it all to move on from her past… 

X is a professional fighter running from a dark past. His true identity is a mystery. The only battle he’s ever lost is the one within

himself. He uses alcohol, drugs and violence to dull the pain and anger that consume him. His rage keeps everyone at arms length. What happens when he runs into a girl with a past so dark even he can’t turn away?
Aly is running away from a family whose evil she can’t see until the innocence she has always held onto is shattered.

As their worlds collide, Aly finds her life in danger and must rely on X to save her from the ghosts of her past. 

Can Aly ever escape her former life? Is she right to trust X, or is she placing herself in even more danger by letting him in? 

The heart is a hard thing to heal.


Click HERE  to purchase on Amazon. I Love you all so much. Thank you for all the support. If  you do purchase AXEL please leave a review and let me know what you think! 

Also, I”d just LOVEEE to see pictures of you with the book:)

Have a great day <3





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