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Today I wanted to talk about picking a book title. This is such a hard part of the book writing process. For me the title always comes last because my books NEVER go in the direction I think they are going to, usually they become far darker and the title just doesn’t work anymore. Just being real here!

There’s a few things I look at when picking a title. One, Logistics. Book making is a business after all. If I have a title idea I check to see how many books have the same title. If my book has the same title as one hundred other books how will that intrigue anyone? How will anyone find or pick my book? I put my heart in these books and I want people to be able to find them and find them unique. I was originally going to name AXEL ‘X’, but after seeing how many books are named ‘X’ I changed it. I didn’t want my book to be one of a hundred other books. 

Two, the theme and tone of my book. AXEL is a very intense, dark, emotionally driven book. I wouldn’t want  to name a book like that something like ‘Love is Beautiful’, ya know? It may have love but it has so much more and that title wouldn’t actually convey to the reader what my story is about. It would mislead them, and I would NEVER want to do that. AXEL as a name had the sort of intensity and power I was looking for in a title for this book.

Third, what is intriguing and different. I want something that draws the reader in. People judge a book by its cover most of the time. It’s a face of life. A HUGE part of that is the title. If the title doesn’t draw a reader in than they will scroll past it. Not only that, but my book title had to draw ME in. This is my baby and I want to be proud of every aspect of it,and give it a title worthy of X and Aly’s beautifully tragic story. AXEL was unique. I loved the name, but it also fit the book perfectly. I can’t say more without giving anything away;). Sorry! I feel when you read it you will understand. I hope!

Anyway, I hope this helps you understand how I came up with the title for AXEL and gives you insight into the title creation process if you are looking to name your own book.

Feel free to ask me any questions below!
LET”S TALK: How do you come with titles for your pieces of art?

Bry Ann


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